Special Training on Failure Analysis

By 2020-11-11

        Since the Covid-19outbreak this year, the online teaching mode, such as online classes and online training, has been developed rapidly due to the restrictions of home quarantine and epidemic prevention measures. Remote education has broken the bondage of the traditional education in space and time, with preferential price to enjoy a high level of teaching resources.So the development and popularization of remote education will provide a new possibility for future education training.

        On the evening of November 11, the 1stspecial training on "Failure Analysis" organized by ODM Association for Science and Technology adopted the online training model. The course was provided by the NTC, and invited the Mr.ZhongZhenqianwho is the director of Failure Analysis Center of the National Iron and Steel Material Testing Centerto give a lecture. It was introduced in stages from four topics, including fatigue fracture, hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion and heat treatment failure.

        In this training, the Association for Science and Technology issued invitations to the positions closely related to the failure analysis of metal materials, including the Laboratory, Quality Control Department, Research&Development Department, Project Development Department and other departments, attracting nearly 30 people. The course mainly focused on failure analysis steps, conventional failure analysis methods, and detailed explanations in conjunction with specific engineering failure cases.For first-line failure analysis engineers and technicians who are rich in practice but lack of the support of theoretical knowledge, such detailed and鈥渞eal stuff鈥 teaching courses can undoubtedly provide them with great help in carrying out related failure analysis work. In the future, the Association for Science and Technology will continue to organize various scientific and technological service activities to serve enterprises technological innovation entities.