Research Team of USST Visited ODM

By 2020-09-15

        On July 16, Associate Professor Zhao Lihui and Dr. Weng Shuo from the research team of Vehicle Durability and Reliability of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) visited ODM for technical exchange. Chief engineer Wang and Minister Liu of laboratory from ODM received the team. The reason for this visit is that our company published a technical market problem on the Internet -- "Improvement of Abrasion Resistance and Durability for Ball Groove of C.V. Joint ", which was paid attention to by Prof. Zhao s team. At the same time, the topic they are studying is similar to this technical problem. So we have this opportunity for a technical docking.

        Chief engineer Wang first took two experts to visit the exhibition hall of the company and made a brief introduction of the company s products. Then the two sides sat down to exchange the specific work. Prof. Zhao gave a detailed introduction of the preliminary work carried out by USST research team. Chief Engineer Wang immediately said that the work carried out by USST research team was highly consistent with the technical problems that ODM needs to solve urgently at present. He also consulted with Prof. Zhao about the cooperation intention of applying for the provincial R&D project. And Prof. Zhao expressed deep interest. Finally, Chief Engineer Wang took two experts to visit the OEM workshops and laboratories, and learned about the production and test processes.

        In recent 2 years, with the vigorous promotion of the Science and Technology Bureau and the Association for Science and Technology, more and more universities and scientific research institutions have taken the initiative to go out of the campus and the unit, go into the enterprise, get to know the enterprise deeply and serve the enterprise. Such changes are good for enterprises and have positive significance. In the future, I believe that more colleges and universities will take the initiative to go to enterprises, and jointly promote the rapid development of the new mode of production: Industry-University-Research Collaboration.