Fighting Together Against COVID-19

By 2020-02-15

        Since the start of preventing and controlling COVID-19, leaders of our company attach great importance and rapidly establish a group to deploy epidemic prevention work and promptly formulate a series of measures and implementation rules. The company purchases necessary anti-epidemic masks, temperature guns, disinfectant and other materials in case of emergency, so as to lay a solid foundation for fighting and make preparations for resume work in advance. After the resumption, our company strictly follows measures to implement various guarantees. As the following four aspects:

        First, in terms of access control, our Management Department strictly takes temperature measurements on the entrance and exit of employees on a daily basis, with each department making good health records of its employees. If someone's fever is tested, we will do the isolation in time and send him/her to the hospital for examination. Employees are issued masks when they enter the factory, and are strictly required to wear them correctly during their work. Visitors must make a detailed registration, check the temperatures, show the green code and sign a letter of commitment to ensure that there is no abnormality before entering.

        Second, in terms of sanitation, each gate guard shall strictly disinfect the vehicles when they are entering the factory. At the same time, the Management Department arranges special personnel to disinfect the factory regularly, twice a day, without any dead corner, and do sanitary disinfection records to ensure that the epidemic prevention work control in place.

        Third, in the expansion of re-work employees, the company strictly implements the government's re-work approval requirements to make sure the return of employees. Workers from other provinces need to do unified isolation in the hotel before returning, by the company arranges their distribution of three meals a day, with temperature measurement and disinfection. Each approved employee shall submit four resumption materials on the day of returning to work, i.e. "one person one form" commitment, latest green health code and the screenshot of mobile roaming record in recent 14 days. The Human resources Department and the Management Department are respectively responsible for sorting out and reviewing the data and the later one is also in charge of cooperating with the inspection team to review.

        Forth, in terms of meal management, in order to effectively block the spread of the epidemic and better protect the health of employees, our canteen takes the form of catering in a timely manner, and each meal was divided into more than 1000 portion. Due to the shortage of staff in the canteen, all departments respond positively and take turns to assist in packing and loading food, contributing to the anti-epidemic work.

        Life is of paramount importance. Where there is an epidemic, there is an order. To prevent and control epidemic is to take responsibility. As long as we work together and unite as one, we will be able to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!