ODM successfully passed the external audit of IATF16949,2019

By 2019-08-01

Jun 17-19,ODM ushered in a three - day annual external audit of quality system activities in 2019.

The audit done by the TUV Audit Institutions, for the purpose of Evaluation of the adequacy 銆乤menity and effectiveness of the company's quality management system, seek opportunities for continuous improvement to meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, enhance customer satisfaction.

The audit includes our Automotive constant velocity universal joint and drive shaft Assembly design, manufacture and assembly of the whole process, cover of supporting industries and related functions. From the product development process, manufacturing process, service, process audits, to process approach as the main line, to KPI to focus the process, to ensure authenticity and comprehensiveness of the audit to the maximum, showing a company's real level of quality.

During the audit, reference with the system standards and other good experience, the auditors gave valuable advice in current inadequate of quality management system. This is helpful for ODM to raise the level of quality management system.

In cooperation with the tuv and ODM, we successfully completed the external audit of quality management system in 2019. ODM will continue to strive for excellence, enabling companies to the next level.