The Torch Program was evaluated as National Project

By 2015-08-14

The meeting for "swing angle of C.V. Axle project" was held in the Pinghu Overseas Chinese Hotel on June 12th, 2015. The meeting was hosted by the leader of Pinghu Science and Technology Bureau .The other attendees included the Section from Pinghu technology bureau, the Chief Engineer from ODM, and the R&D Manager from ODM and the Expert Team from relevant area.
"Swing angle of C.V Axle project" was listed in The Torch Program in 2013. The program number is 2013GH040800.The program cost RMB 1.15 billion more than planed RMB 1 billion. The whole cost which was used for R&D and investing equipment was totally self-raised by ODM, Luckily, 2 new products were listed in the New Product Program of Zhejiang Province and the products were evaluated as in a leading level among domestic industry.
At the meeting, the "swing angle of C.V Axle project" passed the acceptance of the expert team. This is the first acceptance of national-level technical project since ODM awarded as the National Hi-Tech Enterprise in 2013; and this is also a great encouragement for future national-level technical project application.