Automechanika Shanghai 2014

By 2015-03-23

AMS which is the abbreviation of Automechanika Shanghai, is the 12th global brands exhibition of Germany Automechanika exhibition that is an international renowned exhibition brand. It is the 10th session in 2014. Except German, AMS is deserved as the largest exhibition of Automechanika exhibition. 4,861 Exhibitor, nearly 37 countries and regions and more than 90,000 audience members from 131 countries and regions, can easily prove the magnitude of AMS.

The venue for the AMS is Shanghai New International Expo Center which starts from December 9th to 12th. During this period, our booth was in a crowed of our old customers and new customers. As a sales staff, who acts as a media between products and customers, our proper and accurate product description will directly effect customers willing to purchase. Therefore, before the AMS, we have started to do a series of training to correctly guide customers鈥 choice.

During the AMS, the most important thing is communicating with customer. All the colleagues in our international marketing department are very professional. The experienced sales person teach new staff how to maintain relationship with old customer, how to introduce ourselves to customer, how to solve the conflict between customers , how to talk the price with customer and so on. They behave themselves in a professional  performance to face all kinds of business situations.

Participating in this exhibition, for the company, it can strengthen the brand popularization, exhibit our products and show the company鈥檚 strength; for ourselves, what we see, learn and understand in the exhibition will become a very valuable experience. In the exhibition, we can improve the ability of how to commutate with customers; we can learn more about product categories, quality and other aspects of knowledge; we can learn much experience and ways to do things from our colleagues, customers and rivals.

This exhibition ended very successfully and ODM will start a new trip in 2015.